90 % Sangiovese | 10 % Merlot

The Chianti of 2013 is a wonderfully soft and elegant Chianti Classico by Borgo la Stella with very unique characteristics. Its distinctly fruity cherry flavor immediately emerges with the first sip. The nose and palate gradually absorb slightly smoky flavors invoking the Chianti’s pure-flavored harmonic composition.

The Chianti Classico of 2013 is an extremely promising wine that reflects the soil, microclimate and diligent work in the vineyard. Due to its youth, the wine should age for another year, and then its high quality will completely turn into enjoyment.

Vineyard Borgo la Stella, Radda in Chianti
Age of the vines 9 years
Soil Clayey with high limestone content (“Alberese” limestone)
Cultivation density 9,000 vines/ha.
Yield per plant Ø only 0.7 kg
Alcohol content 13% abv
Drinking notes
  • Ready for drinking
  • Open 1 hour before consuming
  • Do not decant
Ageing 6 weeks malolactic fermentation in steel vat
Filtration Natural filtration (sedimentation)
Maturation 12 months in 500 l oak barrels.
6 months in bottles.
Vinification & bottling Marchesi Mazzei S.P.A. Agricola, Castellina in Chianti – Italia for Agricola Borgo La Stella, Radda in Chianti
Type of cork Natural cork
Residual sugar content 1.8 g/l