Borgo la Stella wines are traditionally-made terroir wines with an authentic character – only available in small quantities.

There are just two things you need to know about Borgo la Stella wines to understand why this is a special discovery: on the one hand, this vineyard is part of a respected renaissance which is being noted worldwide: the rebirth of one of the top quality wine regions of the world – Chianti Classico. Never before has the quality of wine-growing in the Chianti Classico region blossomed as it does today. No wonder, as this relatively tiny wine region always had the soil and the climate which are a prerequisite for the best wines in the world. But after decades relying on quantity, the best wine-growers today are putting their trust and know-how in quality: in Sangiovese grapes, in Chianti Classico`s traditional character and in IGTs (wines with typical geographical indication) whose flavour encapsulates their soil and their climate.

And this is where the second aspect starts: out of all today’s wine-growing estates which radically emphasise quality, Borgo la Stella again holds a special position, giving it the potential for outstanding wines: grape cultivation at 620 m above sea level (!) in clayey soil, mostly terraced, with a high percentage of limestone produces a significant increase in exciting aromas – but also an increased risk from hailstorms. The distinctive feature of Borgo la Stella is also that we cultivate the Sangiovese grape according to the ancient “Lucernica system”. This system uses high cultivation density with over 9,000 vines per hectare – with a radical orientation towards quality dictated by Borgo la Stella – and therefore produces a low yield of only two to three bunches per vine. Because of the high costs, the mainly manual labour and the limited possibility of carrying out the work using machinery, this type of wine-growing is hardly ever practised any more in the region. But: our basic aim is to continue relying consistently on the traditional terroir approach to production without the diversion of fashion-led adventures. What this means for wine-lovers is that only small quantities of Borgo la Stella are available. In some years, practically none. But the wines which are produced are stunningly characterful, authentic and real! Annual production of all wines in total: approx. 25,000 bottles.