We know what restaurant chefs and owners and their guests want: big, individual, elegant wines with finesse at fair prices from small, undiscovered vineyards. Wines which are not well-known everywhere or online, and are not easy to obtain. Wines which tell a story, which are thrilling. Aromatic, individual, a great experince – like the cuisine which they accompany.

Large bottles, magnificent wines
Borgo la Stella offers restaurants a concept. Traditional Chianti Classico wines as the ideal accompaniment for your cuisine. And IGTs with ambition from fine and elegant to full-bodied and characterful.
IGT CRONOS is also available in 0.75 l, 1.5 l, 3 l and 6 l bottles and with its large bottles therefore offers all the special appeal which a restaurant manager could wish for.

Tasting on your own premises
Borgo la Stella will come to you in your own restaurant. We will make an appointment with you and your team for an exciting and eventful tasting session. Within just an hour (or half hour) you can try our range of wines with your sommelier and service team. Discover the opportunity to offer your guests something incomparably good.

Wines from Borgo la Stella offer the opportunity for chefs and sommeliers to present our wines jointly with your own co-label. On the wine bottle, the wine list, the menu, online, on a roll-up display… whatever you wish.
Result: success with a creditable recommendation and market presentation in partnership.