At over 600 m above sea level, one thing helps us above all else: trust.

Back to basics: the soils of the vineyards in Borgo la Stella are typical of the Chianti Classico region between Castellina and Radda. The talents of this soil in the Borgo la Stella’s vineyards at an altitude of over 600 m are part of the best “dowry” which any of the world’s noblest wines could wish for - but which are only available in the world’s most favoured regions in this mixture. Our soils tend to be clayey and interspersed with a content of skeletal materials which are exceedingly important, valuable and available in abundance here. These skeletal materials contain limestone in “Alberese” and “Galestro” formations. The (shellfish) lime content of our soil layers is decisive in creating red wines with olfactory refinement and sensuality (in other words, which speak directly to the olfactory sense), and in the effort to create a harmonious tannin balance.

The Borgo la Stella vineyard in the heart of Tuscany extends over more than 16 hectares of land in the beautiful Chianti Senese region, lying between Vagliagli and Castellina in Chianti, where the tradition of oil and wine production has been embedded for centuries.

Inspired by passion, with respect for the altitude, and with trust and appreciation for this land, the Geyer family took over Borgo la Stella in 2007 and restructured the whole agricultural business – with the aim of producing select red wines with personality. The vineyards are mostly terraced, offering a unique vista. This form of cultivation is sadly becoming increasingly rare in the hills of the Chianti region because of the high labour costs associated with it.