Authentic terroir wines - somewhere between active management and simply letting things happen. Tasting forgotten flavours shut out of the fashionable world of wine.

For wine-lovers the moment has arrived. After years of chasing super labels with maximum complexity and concentration at any price – but with little authentic character – we have had enough. We know what perfected winery techniques are capable of achieving. We have waded into the vortex of worldwide hype surrounding these Tuscan wines. We have redefined the shameful boundaries of three-figure bottle prices, either actively or as astonished observers. Robert Parker and co. have taught us with their “scorecards” that complex flavours of wines can be reduced to numbers instead of enjoyment.

Out of curiosity, belief in labels and a desire to treat ourselves, we have raised bold, rich wines to must-have status. Vanilla, tobacco and plum have become our fashionable taste preferences. Including a corresponding acceptance of the price, produced by – justifiably – highly-praised oenologists.

And now here we come from the Borgo la Stella vineyard and say: OK, that’s enough. Not that we could or would want to flood the market. We only have a few bottles. But what we want to say is: if it’s true that now, alongside the “fruit bombs”, a slightly structured, authentic elegance is in demand again. If we are becoming more open to the idea that depth instead of breadth will shape the attitudes of future generations of connoisseurs. If the polished aromas of terroir permit us again to taste flavours long since overlooked.

Then we would say to you: visit us. Taste our wines. We are happy to advise you personally.

Yours sincerely